Leading with Certainty

Leadership Training for the Modern Day Workforce

"The secret to success is good leadership, and good leadership is all about making the lives of your team members or workers better." ~ Tony Dungy

Why develop good leadership skills? To retain good employees, increase productivity, reduce conflict, create more efficient teams, and develop certainty in the workplace.

It's Best For

Human Resource Managers

Having leaders trained to serve their teams helps to alleviate employee retention challenges.

Small Business Owners

Building an effective leadership team a key component to running and growing a business.


Developing and strategically employing upper-level managers critical for the success of any organization.

Supervisors and Managers

Effective leaders critical for leading teams and supporting the vision and mission of the organization.

Who We Are

We're Jim and Michelle Teague

We help people lead to succeed, communicate to elevate, and build teams to fulfill dreams. As members of the Maxwell Leadership Certified Team, we have access to the #1 bestselling author's material on leadership. With over 40 years of combined experience in teaching, speaking, training, and coaching we can tailor a program that is designed to meet your needs.

Michelle is an experienced, award winning international speaker, trainer, and coach. She has several years of experience working as a corporate trainer with multiple companies. Michelle also works with many coaching clients in business, academia, and government. Jim is an award winning speaker and educator. He has over 20 years experience teaching college classes in business and he has also served as a university department chair. In addition, Jim has extensive experience providing business training in leadership, effective communication skills, and overcoming obstacles.  

Losing sleep at night?

Conflict and retention challenges on your mind? You wanted to change lives and help your team. You wanted to connect people and improve your organizations. But it's the middle of the night and you're worried about how you're going to fill those open positions and keep your team together. Chaos and confusion have taken over. This isn't what you signed up for.

Move From Chaos to Certainty

You're tired of the disruptions. You're tired of the conflict. You're tired of the lack of productivity. You're tired of the chaos. You're just plain tired. You know your people have the potential, you just aren't sure how to develop their leadership skills. You need help. You need a plan. You need solutions. You need certainty.

Learn Leadership Concepts

Each month, we'll focus on a different topic in leadership development. You'll learn about subjects such as influence, self-discipline, emotional intelligence, problem solving, communication, and vision. Online modules will provide you with an in-depth look at these topics.

Discuss Leadership Concepts

Twice a month, we will all get together live online via Zoom and discuss the monthly topic and answer any questions you may have. We'll also discuss how you are implementing the topics into your organization and how you are changing as a leader.

Implement Leadership Concepts

Learning doesn't matter much if there's no action attached to it. Each month, you will implement what you are learning and discuss the changes that are happening in your organization because of the changes you are making to your leadership style.  


Jim and Michelle are our "go to" trainers when it comes to leadership development.  Their knowledge, experience, and expertise in leadership has helped many of our clients who have new supervisors/managers, or who have leaders who don't understand the new generation of workers, develop the skills they need to be confident leaders in their organizations. 

Workforce Development
Training Customer

A Teague Of Your Own has helped me to stay focused on what's important.  They worked with me to help me understand what matters most to me as a leader and how to develop goals to grow my business.  They are a great sounding board and have helped me to create a strategy to be more successful.

Integrity Retirement Solutions
Coaching Customer

We reached out to Jim and Michelle at A Teague Of Your Own because we had retention issues and needed help developing our supervisors.  The training they provided to both new and seasoned leaders was integral to helping retain good people.  One of our seasoned leaders, who was hesitant to attend the training, told us it was the best leadership training they had ever received and it gave them actionable steps to take.  

Ascent Tubular Products
Training Customer

How It works

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Online learning modules made available to all participants.

Group Zoom meetings to discuss concepts and answer questions.

Participants implement in their workplace the concepts they learned.

Group Zoom meetings to discuss results and gain insights into methods of effective implementation.


Sign up for this course and get this awesome bonus: The Leadership Game! The Leadership Game is fun and engaging, yet it challenges the participants to have open discussions about leadership principles and values. It is designed to help leaders uncover gaps and areas for improvement within their leadership teams.

We have used A Teague Of Your Own for many different trainings.  Jim and Michelle take the time to understand our needs.  The leadership training they provided helped develop the skills of leaders at all levels in our organization.  Leaders are now better able to connect with their teams.  Our organization has benefited from the training and we now operate as a more cohesive team.
Jim and Michelle have provided leadership training for several of our locations.  Our organization was experiencing change and our leadership team needed help retaining good employees.  The training A Teague Of Your Own provided gave our new, and seasoned, leaders the skills they needed to lead through the change.  Our company is stronger because of it.
The leadership training we attended from A Teague Of Your Own helped us realize that, as leaders and business owners, we need to continue to grow and learn.  They provided us with information we could implement right away.

It Doesn't Have To Be This Hard

When you first started as a business owner or HR professional, you knew you had a lot to offer your team and your community. You value helping others and you wanted to share your knowledge and experience; you wanted to make a difference.

But that isn't how it's worked out for you. Your team is experiencing conflict. People aren't getting along with each other. Goals aren't being met. Productivity is down.

The good people you had on your team are leaving because they don't want to be in a toxic environment. Team members are no longer communicating with each other.

Leaders are no longer looking out for their team; they're looking out for themselves. Your organization is full of disunity, frustration, aggravation, confusion, conflict, and chaos.

You know it can be better, but you're not sure how to get there. You want your organization to be the thriving, successful place you know it can be. We understand. We can help you with the changes needed to transform your organization from where you are now to where you want to be. We can help your team learn how to communicate with one another and your customers.

We can help your team get on the same page, moving in the same direction, being more productive, and achieving the organization's goals. We can help you develop the leaders within your organization. You can change your organization from the chaos to certainty. We'll show you how. 



$997/month for 12 months total

Smaller Groups

  • up to 15 people in your organization taking the course

$1,497/month for 12 months

Medium Groups

  • 16 - 30 people in your organization taking the course at the same time

$1,997/month for 12 months

Larger Groups

  • over 30 people in your organization taking the course



$9,997/year paid
in full

Smaller Groups

  • up to 15 people in your organization taking the course

paid in full

Medium Groups

  • 15 - 30 people in your organization taking the course

paid in full

Larger Groups

  • over 30 people in your organization taking the course

Leaders at all levels need the ability to connect with their teams to spur them to action. Effective communication is essential for leading in the increasingly diverse workforce. This program helps leaders develop the skills needed to be successful.

Change does not occur in a day; it develops over time. One day seminars are not effective in developing long-term skills and habits. During this year long program, participants learn the skills needed to lead their teams and have opportunities each month to apply what they are learning.

Yes! Our program is set up to focus on a different topic each month. Participants can start at the beginning of each month and work through all twelve lessons over the course of a twelve-month period. Participants access the online learning segment during the first week of the month. During the second week, we meet virtually to discuss the concepts and answer any questions. Week three gives participants the opportunity to put the learning into action by applying the concepts and using them in your organization. Our last week together, we meet again virtually and discuss what changes have occurred because of the learning that has taken place.

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